Tax Law & Tax Planning

Our firm provides tax planning services to enterprises being active or established in Greece, as well as to those with activities abroad, while, moreover, we advise our clients on the best choices for the investment of their capitals and their business activities in terms of taxation.

In cooperation with our specialized advisors, we suggest the most advantageous choice regarding taxation to those of our clients who wish to restructure their business activities in Greece. There are now many legal and fiscal instruments available, the use of intra-Community and offshore companies or separating the activities within the companies, in order for the latter to operate in the best possible way in terms of taxation.

Our associates stand out for their knowledge and recognized experience in the field of tax law. We provide consultancy services to natural and legal entities on matters concerning taxes, fines, duties and fees, we support them during the conduct of tax audits and represent them in their extrajudicial or judicial conflicts with the tax authorities.