Criminal Law

Our 40 years of experience and of combative and successful activity in the field of Criminal Law guarantee on our part the proper management and the judicious and successful handling of every case related to this demanding field of law. The level of difficulty of the cases we have dealt with during our long-term activity in Criminal Law and their variety, ranging from simple misdemeanours to important felonies along with our  profound knowledge of the subject, enable us to handle every criminal case we are called to face, defending our assignor’s interests in the most effective way.

We have taken on some of the most important cases that have ever concerned Greek society either as defence attorneys of the defendants or as attorneys appointed by the civil claimant, including among others Siemens, the abduction of ship-owner Panagopoulos, the homicide against members of the Grigorakos family, liquid fuels smuggling cases, as well as the case of the ASPIS scandal.