Catastrophic fire aboard ship Euroferry Olympia - Update 4/3/2022

Two weeks after the tragic accident on “Euroferry Olympia” and the death of more than ten people (the exact number is still not specified) all discussions still revolve around the cleanliness and lack of hygiene on the ship and the drivers’ habit to sleep in their trucks.

Ιt is indeed explicitly prohibited to stay in a ship’s garage after departure and this dangerous habit can lead to accidents. However, this is not the only thing that went wrong in this case. There are other important facts, practices and severe omissions that led to the death of these passengers and caused the loss of profit for truck drivers and companies that saw their property burn to ashes. Unfortunately, it seems that we have not learned from past experience.

Our law firm has already initiated proceedings before the competent port and other authorities in Greece as well as in the flag state (Italy), in order to retrieve all documents related to the seaworthiness of the vessel, the loading conditions, the exact number of passengers, trucks and refrigerator-trucks that boarded the ship, the exact number of electricity sockets designated for these refrigerator-trucks, etc.

Along with a team of expert technical consultants, our efforts will focus first on shedding light to the real causes of the fire, in order to efficiently defend the rights of passengers, truck drivers and other injured parties, and to immediately and expeditiously submit all compensation claims.


Our law firm undertakes all these cases with no advance payment. We work on a success fee basis and we cover all expenses until the injured parties are compensated. We are at your disposal for any questions.



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