Tax Law

Our tax team, having specialized knowledge and experience in tax law, provides high-quality tax services, identifying the problems and the gaps arising from the country's labyrinthine, complex and constantly changing tax system. Having been therefore successfully involved in important cases, we provide tax planning consulting services to our corporate clients and support them in tax audits and disputes.

Tax planning

Our team's longtime expertise, combined with our essential practical approach, enables effective advisory support to our clients in issues such as optimizing their tax management and addressing their daily tax issues. Our considerable experience in tax law allows us to advise our corporate clients on international tax strategy issues as well as on Greek tax law issues by providing flexible and realistic solutions. For more information on the cases we have handled, click here {Ηyper οι φορολογικές υποθέσεις από τις ενδεικτικές υποθέσεις}.

Customs cases

We have been systematically engaging in this area for more than twenty years and we represent our principals both before the administrative courts and authorities, and before the criminal courts, consistently and responsibly.

We undertake the representation of clients before the competent customs authorities and offices for major cases of vehicle, fuel and cigarette trafficking both during the import and duty-suspension procedures of these goods and during the extra-judicial, pre-trial and judicial defense, in cases where customs duties and fines were imposed. Our clients include Greek and foreign multinational companies, factories producing and importing goods, as well as natural persons, who face significant financial penalties for trafficking.

Recognizing the sensitive and urgent nature of such cases, our company combines broad scientific training with a practical and realistic approach, thus providing the most flexible and effective – successful defense of our clients’ interests.